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Goals For This Site:

  • To be a information resource for members of Troop 162.

  • To be a resource for those in the Columbia area to learn more about Scouting and the many activities we are involved in.

  • To be a resource to other Scouting organizations.

Troop 162 Web site Policies

  • We do not publish Scouts names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses.

  • Pictures of Scouts or Scouting activities will not identify any specific individual.

  • We do not publish adult leaders addresses, phone numbers or email addresses without permission.

  • We do not publish a roster of Scouts.

  • We do not link to sites that may contain third party advertising that may be unsuitable for Scouts.

  • Cookies or other phantom means of identifying users are utilized only as needed for the programs or features we utilize. (i.e. Forum, Surveys).¬†Such means of identification are not collected except for functionality of the program. Such identification is not shared beyond the webmaster's requirements.

  • Any information provided by users in surveys and other means are kept confidential among the Troop Committee. No use other than the explicitly stated one is allowed.

If you have any questions about these policies, please email the webmaster.

For information about Troop 162 or to join, contact the Scoutmaster.

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