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Merit Badges & Scout Advancement

New!: Click here for List of Merit Badge Counselors approved by CT Rivers Council (23 page list in Acrobat Reader format)

To succeed you have to plan. A Scout and his family needs to plan for his success together!

Boy Scout rank advancement: How does it happen? It's all in your Boy Scout Handbook pages 438-449

In the lower ranks (Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class) NO merit badges are required and no minimum time in rank or time in leadership position is required. After that the challenges and rewards are increased - boys ARE required to have leadership roles, minimum time in each rank, and complete merit badge work:

Merit badges signify the mastery of certain Scoutcraft skills, as well as helping boys increase their skill in an area of personal interest. Of the 120 merit badges available, 21 must be earned to qualify for Eagle Scout. Of this group, 12 badges are required, including First Aid, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communications, Environmental Science, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Camping, and Family Life. In addition, a Scout has a choice between 1 of 2 Emergency Preparedness and Lifesaving and a choice among 1 of 3 Cycling, Hiking, and Swimming.

The link to the following website shows the merit badges that we could offer. Take a look at each and see what you might be interested in doing and what the requirements are:

Parents - Please consider being a Merit Badge Counselor -- The more Merit Badges we can offer and the more Merit Badge Counselors we have the richer the experience is for the Scouts.

Registered Troop 162 Merit Badge Counselors

Troop 162 Merit Badges currently being offered:

  • Spring 2007: Citizenship in the Community (Eagle required)

Remember - BEFORE STARTING ANY MERIT BADGE - Scout Master approval must be given and blue card must be recorded!

For information about Troop 162 or to join, contact the Scoutmaster. If you experience any difficulties using this website, contact the Webmaster.

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