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Bottle Redemption Guidelines & Schedule



Wear Gloves!


To obtain the key to recycle bin, contact the Ray Bianchi, Manager of the Transfer Station.  The bottom door is to be kept locked the top door is to be left open. 


Bags are available inside Transfer Station Office or inside the recycle bin. 

Notify Darra Stephens 860 xxx xxxx  if there are no bags.


  • Cans and Plastic Bottles are to be put into the supplied clear plastic bags. 

  • Glass is separated from Cans and Plastic Bottles.    

  • All extra paper, bags, and cardboard is to be put in dumpsters at the dump.

  • Initial the bottle redemption form in the recycle bin to indicate you emptied the bin that day.

  • At Manchester Recycling:

    +Ask Recycling staff where to put Bags containing Cans and Plastic Bottles.

    +Glass bottles are counted in groups of 50 in plastic bins supplied by Manchester Recycling

    +Complete and sign the Recycling log book supplied by Manchester Recycling.


  • Scouts are responsible to arrange alternate coverage if they are not available
  • Bin is to be emptied each Wednesday (open until 4:00pm) and each Saturday (open until 4pm), near the end of the day (3PM-4PM)
  • Scouts are responsible for cleaning the bin and the surrounding area each week
  • Scouts are expected to advise Darra Stephens 860 xxx-xxxx if the recycle bin requires maintenance or repair


Redemption Center:

Manchester Redemption Center   

( 9AM-5PM Monday - Saturday)

95 Hilliard Street, Manchester, CT 06040

(860) 645-1887

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