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Troop 162 Committee

Committee Board
  • Chairman   Dennis Hoddinott
  • Secretary   Sara Donlon
  • Treasurer   Laurie Marks  
Sponsoring Organization

Columbia Lions Club: James Blair

Committee Members

Brendan Keenan -
Scout Master

Rick Marks -
Assistant Scout Master

Bruce Fernandez -
Assistant Scout Master
Bottle Redemption Coordinator

Don Hart-
Assistant Scout Master

Tom McGrath-Assistant Scout Master

Chris McGrath-Junior Assistant Scout Master

Matt Hermann-
Advancement Chair

Tom Donlon-
Columbia Crossroads/Publicity


Re-Chartering Chair

Janis Czarnowski -
Popcorn Chair/Fundraising

? -
St.Columba calendar & service projects Coordinator

Darra Stephens-Parent Planning Committee

Matt Sternat-Summer Camp Coordinator 2010

    Meeting Schedule:

    The Troop Committee meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month as needed. Meetings are generally held at Yeoman's or Meeting Place, Columbia Center, 7PM. unless otherwise stated.  

    Planning for each meeting :

    • Reminders will be distributed 8 days prior asking for agenda items from Troop to be submitted 4 days prior to meeting.

    • A second reminder along with the agenda, prior meeting minutes, etc is e-mailed 2 days prior to meeting.

    Rules of Meeting Operation
    Roberts Rules of Order

    The follow positions need to be filled by parents/committee members:

    • Merit Badge Counselor Registration

    • Insurance Forms to Town, School, Church, etc.

    • Outings Coordinator

    • Lions Club Coordinator (for pancake breakfast in March/Chicken BBQ in August)

    • Cemetery Cleanup and Flags

    • Town Ceremonies – Memorial Day/Veterans’ Day


    For information about Troop 162 or to join, contact the Scoutmaster. If you experience any difficulties using this website, contact the Webmaster.

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